Is it possible to see only the pictures I’ve taken on my iPhone?

I’m using an iPhone 5S, running iOS version 10.3.1.

I’m part of a chat group where a lot of pictures are posted. From time to time I want to see only the pictures I’ve taken in my photo app, but I can’t find a way to do it.

When I open the Photos app, this is what I see in the different categories:

  • Photos: All photos ever stored on my phone
  • Memories: Some random photos the app chose for me
  • Shared: Photos I’ve actively shared to others
  • Albums: some different albums (e.g. Camera Roll, My Photo Stream, Selfies and Favourites. However, they either
    • include all photos on the phone (Camera Roll)
    • include the latest 1000 photos on the phone (My Photo Stream)
    • include pictures marked by me (Favourites)
    • include pictures marked by the phone as a certain type (Selfies)

There is even a section under Albums for the particular chat app I’m using.

Is there any way I can filter out the pictures from the chat group, and only see the pictures taken by this phone?

I’ve searched online for e.g. “iphone see only pictures taken by this phone”, but the search only returns results such as “how to find out where you took photos”.


I made a workflow that filters all your photos from your camera roll. It gets all your photos, excluding an album(select album your chat photos are stored) and also screenshots(you can disable it if you want).

The workflow will ask you if you want to save it all in a new album or in an existing one. You will need to run it each time to update the album.

You will need the Workflow app to run this.

Source : Link , Question Author : HenricF , Answer Author : airsquared

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