Is it possible to use a monospaced font for an information focused webpage?

Monospaced fonts are used mainly for code editors and other special purposes and not usually for normal web pages, like an online newspaper for instance. I ponder however with the idea to do this and would like to know:

Can a monospaced font be used successfully to deliver information (not art work)? Or is the idea just 100% wrong?


Yeah why not? Monospace fonts originated from typewriters. Because typewriter letter blocks have a fixed width, it was necessary to make a font on a fixed grid.

Back in the days journalists used typewriters to write their blogs (haha. Anachronism there :)) it would be perfectly fine on a conceptual level.

But on a legibility level its a whole different subject. Monospace fonts are harder to read. They need extra care.

But why not give it a try.

Source : Link , Question Author : thomas , Answer Author : KSPR

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