Is motion/animation part of graphic design?

I work with a few design studios with mainly graphic design experience. Nowadays more and more they are asked for motion and non-static solutions.

I wonder. Is that out of their scope? Should they embrace other design disciplines? Does graphic design incorporate motion and or animation? – Not big ones, something simple like this logo animation.


Traditionally, no. Animation has a long history and was not considered graphic design, much like say film or TV production. However, mediums are merging. There is no longer a huge technical and financial gap between the different mediums.

The web forces the graphic designer to think of even animation, since the medium allows it. So yes it has become one of the skills sought after. Only animation is still a quite specialized skill, what you instead have is called motion graphics. Motion graphics is a subset of animation thats well suited for graphic design as its nowhere nearly as laborious as animation of say characters.

Similarly, many of the static advertisement spots that traditionally were dominated by posters are being swapper out to screens. And again because they are screens you can consider animation in them.

Source : Link , Question Author : Kevin Mamaqi , Answer Author : Wrzlprmft

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