Is online freelancing a viable source of income?

Fed up with the university life, I thought I would try to be a freelancer. I am familiar with coding.

How can I earn money online as a web designer? Is there any reliable way to earn money? I saw freelancing sites like Fiverr and oDesk are filled with people offering services for lower costs. Is it okay to offer services for such a low value?


You are asking graphic designers about this, and the general consensus is likely to be be:

How can i earn money through online as a web designer?

You can, in theory, but online only is extremely tricky. Only by working hard, creating and finding a client base, building a portfolio will you have a chance. And it is in fact extremely hard to do design and develop remotely. To get good, solid clients it is important to meet them, at least in the beginning. You need to understand your potential clients needs and tiny quirks. Though you could do this via video link, even that can be difficult to pull off. In addition, there will be time difference, cultural differences etc. I would strongly suggest you start with nearby people: local businesses etc. Spend a good deal of time doing a few good pieces, and then you might step into the purely online job market. But you need to have something that makes you different from every other person out there offering design work. I believe the only way of doing that, and being able to earn decently, is to show work that goes over and beyond the call of duty.

Can you earn reliable, good money through 99designs?

I would say not really. Most people here at GraphicDesign despise 99designs and the like, and though it seems some people pull it off, this, I suspect, is mainly because they have a bunch of templates they work from. Consider it assembly-line graphics.

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