Is raster or vector better to create photographic infographics?

Between vector and raster editors, which should I learn to use to create infographics based on photos?

The photos all bear a black background, allowing me to lay information in the space without the animal.


sample img


I’m a nature/macro photographer, often I feel sharing a good photo is just like bragging- “hey look at what I did.” But I would like for my photos to be of some more use to viewers and the animals they picture.

I am interested in adding information about the pictured animal and forming posters instead of just images.

The info could be:

  • Conservation status
  • Morphology
  • Distribution
  • Biology etc.


I will differ a bit.

Depends on your overall design.

Infographic is a pretty board concept, it could include for example dozens of photos representing a taxonomic chain for example, but in your description looks like you only want to add some text on each poster of each animal.

1. If you only need a couple of images in your poster, I would use Illustrator. This will allow you to add the text easily and add some additional elements, some icons, vector based borders, extend your black background, etc.

Illustrator can handle well several raster images, especially if you link them, not embed them. Take a look at this link to keep your illustrator file small

2. I would only use Photoshop to make adjustments to your images, but as commented, Photoshop has several ways to work with the images maintaining some “scalability” so you have the flexibility to print a large poster or a smaller one.

3. If your infographic does include several images, for example, more than 10 I agree that the best option is InDesign. All the photos in InDesign are linked externally by default.

InDesign can be an interesting option if you want to produce a “series” a collection because you can have a “Master design” and you apply this design to consecutive pages, like a catalog. You can have all the collection as several pages and print just one, or the entire collection.

Source : Link , Question Author : ABCD312 , Answer Author : Rafael

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