Is Scribus a viable alternative to Quark or InDesign?

For someone who has worked in the professional publishing industry, I rely on InDesign and Photoshop for creating professional documents, even if they’re as simple as a business card. Sometimes I don’t have the luxury of working with these expensive programs, however, so I look for alternatives that can get the job done. I’m familiar with GIMP and Photoshop, and in a pinch I can use GIMP, but I prefer Photoshop because of a decade of experience with it.

I’ve used Quark and InDesign (and PageMaker before that), and consider InDesign the tool of choice for page layout.

I recently ran across an open source product called Scribus and wondered if anyone with Quark or InDesign experience has tested this, and can put forth a list of what it does and does not do by contrast.

Is Scribus a worthy alternative to InDesign/Quark?


I used Scribus recently on a personal project. For an OS GD app, it’s quite impressive. I’d definitely put it above PageMaker in terms of usability and features. that said, it’s far from finished and does have some annoying quirks (such as you can’t undo text edits).

InDesign is pretty high end, but for personal, smaller project, Scribus might be just fine.

Source : Link , Question Author : JYelton , Answer Author : DA01

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