Is the color scheme of Paris metro map copyright protected?

I hope this is the correct community for my question (I am just a humble data scientist, not a designer).

I am building a powerpoint presentatin that should contain a lot of plots, each consisting of 2-4 curves on a white background. I am thinking about using some colors of the Paris undergroud map for my plots because they are bright, work well together and look fine on white background. Unfortunately, I can’t find any information whether these colors — by this I mean the specific set of color codes — are protected by some kind of copyright.


It is not possible to copyright a group of colors as far as I’m aware.

It’s possible to trademark colors as part of “trade dress”. However, trademarks are not the same as copyrights. And even if trademarked, you are free to use any color theme outside the industry which any trademark applies. So, unless you are building or advertising a subway/underground, or some other French transportation-based service/product, you wouldn’t be violating any trademarks either.

I’d use them if I wanted to with a clear conscience.

Source : Link , Question Author : herebychance , Answer Author : Scott

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