Is the OCR-A sans-serif?

Can anyone confirm that OCR-A is a sans-serif font? Are the OCR-A capital letters considered to be block-form? Thank you.

enter image description here


OCR-A is not a sans serif face.

I’m afraid I have to disagree with the group here. The i, j, l, T, 1, and 7 all use serif elements that can not be present in a sans serif (6 and 9 too, in a weird sort of way).

This is a superb example of why we break out monospace as it’s own category. Strange deformations become necessary to fill the gaps.

Monospace [mostly] without the serifs

OCR-B was designed to be much closer to a true sans serif and I would reluctantly classify it as such.

enter image description here

Block what?

I have no idea what “block-form” means. Kinda makes me think of Egyptian type (like Clarendon) but I’m guessing that’s not what you mean.

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