Is the Photos To Disk third party app still available?

I want to convert a photoslibrary file to a system of folders corresponding to Photos events with jpg images instead of the Apple Photos format. An earlier thread (started by Manchineel) said that Photos to Disk can do this, but the link given ( says the link is gone and the website is expired. Does anyone know where I can purchase this software?


The website is available in the Wayback Machine, and version 2.1 can actually be downloaded through there, although the newer version 3.5 cannot be.

The bigger problem, though, is there’s no way to buy a license key anymore, because the developer’s FastSpring page is no longer available. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a way around this.

As a user of an older version of OS X (10.9), I run into this problem all the time while trying to find compatible software, and it’s very frustrating! If you’re a developer reading this, please consider making a public license key available somewhere before closing shop—future generations may thank you!

Source : Link , Question Author : woking50 , Answer Author : Wowfunhappy

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