Is there a faster way to save all layers in PSD to PNG?

I’m trying to export all 155 raster layers, each 240*240 in pixels, to separate png files, but it takes ages to do that using CS5 File > Scripts > Export Layers to Files.

This script creates new psd files, copies all layers to them, then makes one layer visible before deleting all the layers he has just added. It took about three hours to export half of my layers.

If I was a script coder i’d make exporting this way:

for each layer do {
   make layer invisible }

for each layer do {
   make layer visible
   save file as "layer_name.png"
   make layer invisible }

Is there any faster way to export all layers to png?


In the animation panel flyout menu, choose “Make frames from layers.”

File > Export > Render Video. Choose a folder for the export and select “Image Sequence” and “PNG”.

Source : Link , Question Author : lander , Answer Author : Alan Gilbertson

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