Is there a font face in which all glyphs are identical?

As strange as it seems, I am looking for a font in which all characters look exactly the same.

The goal is to obfuscate the text of passwords generated on to the casual observer. At the same time, the user must be able to select one of the generated passwords and copy it or drag it to a password input on another page.

This should be a font which contains essentially only 1 character regardless of what is typed; the same symbol should be associated with every character.

I do not need a Pro font with support for lots of Unicode characters, the generated passwords contain only ASCII characters.


You could always make your own….

Download the template, fill it out, upload, and it generates a ttf for you. You can use other apps like Photoshop or Illustrator to fill out the form. It doesn’t have to have handwritten characters.

Source : Link , Question Author : Eric Bréchemier , Answer Author : Scott

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