Is there a (free/open source) black and white emoji font?

I wonder if there is a free black and white emoji font out there. All of the ones I have seen are in full color, but there are the two Unicode glyphs ☺, ☻, that’s all I have seen.


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Noto Emoji Font
Google has a fully internationalized font, Noto, whose emoji font has a black and white version:
The smiley’s are blobs.

EmojiOne is a color font with black and white fallbacks. I couldn’t figure out how to trigger the fallbacks, but I found an early pre-color version of EmojiOne:

Android Emoji
Not sure why, but one of Android’s main Emoji fonts is black and white
The smiley’s are androids.

GNU’s FreeFont
FreeFont is black and white.;O=D

SymbolA is a black and white Linux font with nearly full Unicode support:

A free font by an independent designer.
You can convert from woff to ttf here

Microsoft Segoe UI Symbol
Microsoft has a very high-quality emoji set in its Segoe UI Symbol/Emoji font. And because of copyright law, in which things have to be copyrighted separately for different uses, there shouldn’t be anything keeping us from using it to create printed type:

This might be from an old pre color version:

Twitter’s Emoji font
Twitter open sources its emoji font. This doesn’t have a black and white version, but it does have black and white fallbacks. If I can figure out how to extract or trigger the fallbacks, this could be great.

There may be more at the bottom of this:
and here

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