Is there a Github for Graphic Designers?

How do Graphic Designers share work they put in the public domain? I’m looking for a site that provides publicly visible, collaborative behavior like Github (which is for source code).

For those not familiar with the behavior of Github, here’s an example:

  • You upload a PSD of an image you want to put in the public domain.
  • I can “watch” that image and be notified when you make changes to it.
  • I can submit a “pull” request with changes I’ve made to your image, and you can decide whether to accept them or not.
  • Anyone can download the PSD and use it (within bounds of the license).
  • Anyone can see the history or progression of the image as changes have been made.

Are there any websites that offer this?


This answer is obsolete: Pixelapse don’t exist anymore

Pixelapse comes pretty close.

Here’s what they offer:

  • Public gallery
  • Downloadable source (e.g., PSD, AI, etc.)
  • Revision history
  • Commenting and annotations
  • Dropbox-like saving behavior

Here’s what they don’t have:

  • Licensing information for public works
  • Explicit “fork” behavior and “pull” requests

Here’s a sample I added to try it out:

Source : Link , Question Author : gose , Answer Author : Cai

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