Is there a loss of quality when converting RGB to HEX?

The graphic designer sent me the colors in RGB, I know I can convert to hex easily, but last time I tried to do that, RGBA to HEX on another website I noticed a slight difference so I ended up using the exact same RGB.

For example, if you convert rgba(154, 130, 139, 0.77) to hex using a hex converter such as this one or any other converter you’ll notice that the hex is darker #9a828b

So when you convert between RGB or RGB or CMYK, is there a loss of quality?


As Billy Kerr wrote, Hex is not a colour space, but a numerical system such as the decimal system, but with base 16.
The differences you notice are probably caused by different RGB colour spaces (such as sRGB vs. AdobeRGB), i. e. the RGB numbers from your graphic designer describe another colour than the mentioned online tool.

Source : Link , Question Author : Lynob , Answer Author : John Doe IV

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