Is there a median tool for colours? (Median between 2 colours)

I’m working on a pixel sprite and I have 2 coloured pixels with 1 empty pixel gap between them. Is there any way (tool) to fill in the missing pixel with the mixture of the 2 that are filled?


Finding the exact colour code might depend on your current colour space, as mentioned in the comments. This method is colour-space agnostic and whould work in most software that supports layers.

  1. Draw a pixel of colour A on a new layer;
  2. Add a second layer on top of that, and draw a pixel of colour B exactly on top of pixel A;
  3. Reduce layer B’s opacity to 50%;
  4. Merge the two layers;
  5. Sample the resulting pixel’s colour. That is the colour you are looking for.

Alternatively, you could also draw directly over pixel A in layer A with a 50% opaque brush in colour B to get the same effect. Faster, but less intuitive.

Source : Link , Question Author : Cayde , Answer Author : Vincent

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