Is there a “monobright” font in which every character uses the exact same number of pixels (not necessary monospaced)?

I am solving the following problem: I want to display numbers on a huge indoor display (size 32×32 pixel -> “bright light bulbs” / LEDs). Now I want every displayed number to be equally bright, so that a change in a character does not change the illumination of the room (lumen per character should be constant, thus pixel per character should be constant)

So e.g. the “1” should turn on the same amount of pixels than the “8”

Does such a font exist?


This is a fun art coding problem. I think you’ll need to design the numbers – you don’t need a whole alphabet, so 10 characters isn’t bad.

I suggest a font where each number is approximately the same size, and extra pixels are used in the corners or as a border. It doesn’t interfere with the reading of the numbers and it keeps the same number of lights on at any one time.

As a quick and not perfect example, these four numbers and their corners are built on a 32×32 grid and each use the same number of pixels.

example numbers

Edit to illustrate that each of these is on a 32×32 grid:
grid image

Source : Link , Question Author : venti , Answer Author : tobybot

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