Is there a name for a style with ‘gapped’ lineart?

Is there a name for a style of illustration with a ‘gapped’ lineart? The lineart gets broken at either random places, or places that seem to indicate a shadow. It has a fun look and can make your illustration seem more playful.

Nice addition from welz: it’s specifically where the gaps are rounded and the whole design overall has a very roundish look/feeling to it.

It is used in both icons and detailed illustration. When I browse dribbble/behance now not a whole lot of similar images come up.

I’d like to know name/style/keywords so I can search for similar images or tutorials. But ‘gapped’ does not seem to get many hits.

enter image description here


I wouldn’t say it has a specific name.

I think it’s merely a very specific way to create line vocabulary without width variations.

Line vocabulary is something illustrators often use to give a bit more “life” to an illustration. Traditionally by varying the thickness of a line or the strength of a line an artist can infer depth to a degree, direct the eye to a focal point, etc. It’s also a way to make an illustration seem less static overall.

For things like iconography, there’s a limitation to how varied the width of a line can be. So it’s difficult, or nearly impossible, to adequately express a diverse line vocabulary. Instead, the breaks are used to direct the eye or add interest where width can’t be implemented.

Pintrest link to various images showing line vocabulary

(For what it’s worth, I think this usage in the Rick & Morty image was somewhat haphazardly used and not well thought out. Used more to try and be “trendy” than planned and executed. Someone used it without really understanding why one would break the lines.)

Source : Link , Question Author : Summer , Answer Author : Scott

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