Is there a name for a Wikipedia-like “W”?

To be more precise: Is there a name for the type of font where the w’s apex is shaped like a cross? Couldn’t find it anywhere.

Note that the middle doesn’t look like two successive v’s, but rather like an x.
here's said letter


I can’t find anything that refers to that in any other way than crossing centre strokes. Look here for reference.

However there is a pretty substantial glossary of type terms here that calls the meeting point between letters a Vertex. The fact that this comprehensive list doesn’t reference the crossing centre strokes as having a specific term suggests that there isn’t one.

Looking into it further, it seems that fonts with those characteristics aren’t necessarily identified by the cross in the strokes, but may actually be identified by the amount of upper terminals in the ‘w’ as Identifont does:

Identifont screenshot

Hope these help.

Source : Link , Question Author : Peter , Answer Author : JohnB

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