Is there a name for the Windows 10 kind of design?

The design used in Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform apps is one used in a lot of modern interfaces. So like how there are many types of designs, from the day of Swiss and Bauhaus to this day of material and flat design — what is this design called?

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Some attributes to make my question more specific:

  • Your prime focus is clarity.
  • White is the primary color.
  • Solid bars of dark colors like red, blue, or black are used on left or right of text, items, etc. to separate them.
  • Colors are flat. Decent paddings are given.
  • Invisible margins.
  • Rectangle shapes are spammed anywhere they can be.


The official name is Microsoft design language. It was previously known as Metro but changed in 2012.

If I was forced to categorize it somehow, I’d call it “flat minimalism”. Although I don’t see how useful it is to really categorize something like this. I would call it “Microsoft design language”. If I was writing about design, I’d specifically expand on what that means.

Source : Link , Question Author : Abhimanyu , Answer Author : Scribblemacher

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