Is there a natural way to indicate directional motion in a still image?

I have made the following render of a DNA molecule being pulled through a hole in a membrane using Blender. Since this process can go in either direction, I need a way to indicate whether the DNA is moving upward or downward. So far nothing I have tried looks at all natural. Is there a natural way to indicate direction of motion in a still image such as this without adding virtual elements like arrows to the image?

enter image description here

Other critiques are also welcome.


The easiest way would be to color the segments like so:

enter image description here

This way the viewer has some visual reference to focus on. You can then add some blur or visual motion lines that would help accentuate the “motion”.

Or you can also mess with the perspective of the final viewing angle to show depth or height depending on what your final look is for. You can even use blurring to create depth of field.

Here are some examples:

enter image description here

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : KBriggs , Answer Author : Ovaryraptor

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