Is there a recognized name for the ‘grippy’ part of an interface that indicates movability?

Gmail (for instance) shows this dotted widget next to the email items to hint that you can drag’n’drop them.

enter image description here

Is there a generally recognized name for this?

Grab bar?
Handle? (this sounds too generic)


According to the Microsoft Manual of Style (4th edition), the correct term is “move handle.”

In the user interface of various programs, a handle is an element used to move or size an object. Use move handle or sizing handle. Do not use size handle, grab handle, little box, or similar phrases.

While “move handle” probably isn’t self-evident to the average user by itself, the context should be sufficient, e.g. “Click the move handle next to the message, and then drag it to the Trash icon.”

Source : Link , Question Author : Cristian Diaconescu , Answer Author : Scribblemacher

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