Is there a shape/icon to indicate something is safe?

There are lots of icons and shapes that we associate with danger and that indicate to excercise caution.

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High Voltage warning sign
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Skull and Crossbones
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To show a piece of hardware is safe, one could indicate that by the shape, the material or even by light (slowly breathing green or blue for example). That is not neccessarily trivial, but doable.

But, are there any graphical equivalents to indicate something is safe? Something that can be used in a presentation or a manual?

One idea would be a thumbs up, which is very ambiguous, or some pictogram on a blue background showing something being touched with bare hands, but maybe there’s something better, more intuitive that I’m missing.


I think the proper shape for a piece of hardware is to show a shield alone or with a tick to show that this hardware is secure and protected

Using the thumb up or tick alone is more for showing the right option more that show secureness

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enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : iFreilicht , Answer Author : Khalil Hanna

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