Is there a shortcut to change to a different tool while typing in Photoshop?

I am just wondering if there is a way to use keyboard shortcuts while using the “T” Type tool. For example, while I am creating text with the words “hello,” and I want to move to the selection tool, I would end up typing “helloa,” because “a” is the selection too. Is there a command/option/shift ability so that text is not written while using this tool?



Hit the the Enter key to commit the text.

Note: ENTER not Return. They are not the same key.

If using Return because your keyboard has no Enter key….
you need to hold Command/Ctrl Then hit the Return key.

Then you can hit any other tool shortcut to switch tools.

You could also hit the √ in the control bar to commit the text. Or hit the ESC key and you’ll be asked, via a popup, if you want to commit the text or remove it.

Source : Link , Question Author : Brady P , Answer Author : Scott

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