Is there a standard color for a ‘Share by email’ icon for web?

This is a question which has always been floating around my brain when putting the final touches on a website. (And I couldn’t find much about it on the web)

When using social icons in the context of sharing content, e.g. sharing a blog post, and Email is one of the methods of sharing, what colour should the Email icon be when all the other icons are coloured by their branding (somewhat)?

Example social icons

Does anyone have any examples and/or rationale for using a particular colour, if one exists universally for ‘Share by email’?


There is no real standard but I did some extensive research when making a vector set for my sites and the majority used on sites were yellow. I figured if thats what the majority is using, why not go with it. The less you make a user think, the better.

This may be caused by Outlook(the email program) have used it has its brand color for years, but that’s strictly conjecture.


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Source : Link , Question Author : busyb , Answer Author : Ctrl Alt Design

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