Is there a standard font format that is considered best practice when creating an open source/free font?

If I want to venture into the world of typeface design, I of course would prefer to use the proper font file format. I’m wondering if there exists an industry standard for this, as well as whether there is a specific format that is particularly popular in the open source world.

My first thought is OpenType (.otf), which, I gather, supersedes TrueType (.ttf), but does it replace PostScript as well? How about Embedded OpenType (.eot)? Not sure the difference there.

I don’t mean for this question to be a subjective discussion of merits and appropriateness. I’m really asking whether there is a standard, and if so, what it is, but if there isn’t a standard, that should be the answer.


As far as I know there is no standard for free fonts. You can release it in ttf format. Other formats (such as eot, woff) are webfont formats.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ken Bellows , Answer Author : Ferdi Çıldız

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