Is there a standard size for smart phone wallpaper?

There are too many smart phones and sizes, I have to create a lock screen for a client but dont know what size I should be designing, is there a standard size that applies to all? instead of creating separate sizes for different phones. Since wallpaper can be adjusted, wouldn’t one large size fit all?


  1. Proportions my friend, not size.

The dominant proportion for screens at this time is 16:9… or 9:16 I should say in the case of phones because they are most used in a vertical position.

  1. Ok. Let’s use a “standard” size.

And you can make a high-resolution wallpaper and let the lower resolution phones deal with it. In this case a 1080x1920px size will be fine.

Forget about the declared resolution. That declared resolution is meant for developers to deal with element sizes in designing interfaces for mobile. You need to use native resolution.

And as a lot of phones want to display full HD video (1920×1080) use those same dimensions in a vertical format.

Some exceptions can be made, for example, a wallpaper that is meant to slide as parallax when you swap thru screens can need a different size proportion. But that is a special case.

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