Is there a term for adjusting the spacing between WORDS for a font (not letters)?

In some fonts although the letters of a word are well-spaced, the words themselves seem to run too close together. Is there any way to adjust this in MS Word? And is there a term for this sort of ‘tracking’ between words rather than between letters?

Manual methods suggested for doing this (e.g., to find/replace spaces with a larger-font space) are too high maintenance when you know there will be changes to the text.



Kerning and tracking, as @GerardFalla is talking about, are both related to the spacing of characters.

The space between words is simply called Word Spacing.

It can be specified in professional layout applications like InDesign, but I’m afraid that MS Word doesn’t have this setting (although I might be mistaken).

A google search on the subject seems to only reveal different workarounds like inserting extra spaces or changing the font size for spaces only.

Source : Link , Question Author : LLD , Answer Author : Wolff

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