Is there a way Spotlight indexes my Skim bookmarks/notes ?

I find Skim is a great pdf file reader and want to spend a great deal of time adding notes and bookmarks to some of the pdf files I have.

I know Spotlight indexes pdf files but it doesn’t seem to index my Skim bookmarks.
(I just created a bookmark in Skim and search for that bookmark in Spotlight. No results).

I may force Spotlight to index net.sourceforge.skim-app.skim.bookmarks.plist (it is where bookmarks are stored) ?

What do you think ?
Thanks in advance.


The solution I’ve found+tested:

In Skim:

  • File – Export -> Skim notes.
  • You now have one .skim file with your annotations only + their pages number.

Skim notes are indexed by Spotlight.

Source: here

Source : Link , Question Author : politicus , Answer Author : Matt

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