Is there a way to add all colors used into the swatches panel?

Sometimes, when inspiration hits me, I start designing a document using multiple colors. Or I use the Blend tool to create a smooth set of colors for me to work with.

But it always happens that eventually, I need to start matching my colors and keeping better track of them, which I usually do with the Swatches panel.

But I always end up clicking an object/path, dragging the color from the color picker into the swatches panel and then repeating for all the colors I want to keep.

Is there a way for me to just have the Swatches panel add all the current colors in the document or layer or from a selected group?


Select the group of objects you want to grab the colors from and click the New Color Group button on the Swatches pane. Make sure the Selected Artwork option is selected, and you’ll get a new color group with all the colors from that selection.

Step 1


Source : Link , Question Author : OghmaOsiris , Answer Author : JohnB

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