is there a way to add hyperlinks in a Illustrator document?

I am creating a CV in Illustrator and exporting it to a PDF. I just read an article which stated that it is a good idea that we use hyperlinks in the CV so that the employer can just click and not have to copy the address.
I like this idea, but I don’t know how to add a hyperlink to text in Illustrator. Is it possible?


In short, no.

This forum post points out that Illustrator does have hyperlinking capabilities, but they have more to do with exporting to HTML than PDF. They won’t do you much good.

Your alternatives are to either add the links in Acrobat after you’ve exported to PDF or to make your CV in InDesign instead of Illustrator.

If you choose to use Acrobat, it’s as simple as using the Link tool to create a rectangle, which you can then assign a link to. When it comes time to update your CV and re-export to PDF, you have a couple of options: you can either select all of the links with the Link Tool or Select Object tool and copy/paste into the updated document, or use the Replace pages feature to replace the current page with the updated page (it keeps the links).

If you choose to use InDesign, you select your text and then enter your link in the Hyperlinks palette. Just make sure that when you’re exporting your PDF, you check the box to include hyperlinks.

Source : Link , Question Author : aurel , Answer Author : Brendan

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