Is there a way to annoate a layout with the file source in indesign?

Is there a way to print / export a indesign file as a pdf or other but first annotate any images with the file source ie. user/documents/images.. etc so that whens its printed / exported it will say what the source is for each image by the side / ontop of the image.


I used a javascript for this purpose in CS1/3/5.5. I’m not aware of any built in way to do it.

I can’t find my oldie around anywhere, but the Adobe InDesign scripting forum is usually a treasure trove. I think this one is at least a start. Here’s the final code from that discussion.

var tgt = app.activeDocument.rectangles;
for (i=0;i<tgt.length;i++){
myCaption = app.activeDocument.textFrames.add();
myCaption.textFramePreferences.verticalJustification =
myCaption.contents = tgt[i].graphics[0]
myCaption.paragraphs[0].justification =
bnds = tgt[i].visibleBounds;
myCaption.visibleBounds =
    [bnds[0]-6, bnds[1], bnds[0]-1,bnds[3]];

Source : Link , Question Author : sam , Answer Author : plainclothes

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