Is there a way to automate changing the hue of many layers with a different value per layer?

Let’s say I have 100 photos in a folder. On the first one, I would like to change the Hue to -180, and save it. On the second one, I would like to change the Hue to -170. On the third one, I would like to change the Hue to -160, and so on.

Is there a way to batch process with a different value each time?


I’d probably use ImageMagick.

There is a feature available to modify the hue, but it’s percentage based instead of degrees.

Hue Modulation

Rotates the colors of the image, in a cyclic manner. To achieve this the Hue value given produces a ‘modulus addition’, rather than a multiplication.
However be warned that the hue is rotated using a percentage, and not by an angle.

convert rose:   -modulate 100,100,0      mod_hue_0.gif
convert rose:   -modulate 100,100,33.3   mod_hue_33.gif
convert rose:   -modulate 100,100,66.6   mod_hue_66.gif
convert rose:   -modulate 100,100,100    mod_hue_100.gif
convert rose:   -modulate 100,100,133.3  mod_hue_133.gif
convert rose:   -modulate 100,100,166.6  mod_hue_166.gif
convert rose:   -modulate 100,100,200    mod_hue_200.gif


hue modulation: 0 hue modulation: 33.3 hue modulation: 66.6 hue modulation: 100 hue modulation: 133.3 hue modulation: 166.6 hue modulation: 200

Most of the heavy lifting is done for you in that example, you would just need to create a script that indexes all the files in a directory and applies a sequential value given to the modulate argument.

Source : Link , Question Author : photoshop , Answer Author : JohnB

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