Is there a way to change the Photoshop Alt + Right-click-drag brush size hotkey?

Since CS5, we can use Alt + Right-click-drag(I’m currently using CS6 on win) to change brush size and opacity. But it is not good enough for a tablet pen. While I release the right-click button on my pen, it always shakes a lit bit, when I need a precise brush size this shake is killing me. So is there a way to change this hotkey I can’t find it in the preference setting.

I’m trying to find a way to make it works like Painter/OpenCanvas.


If moving a hand to the keyboard doesn’t interrupt your workflow too much, the bracket keys can be used to increase and decrease the brush size and hardness pretty effectively. To be fair, I’m left handed so this fits into my workflow quite naturally.

[ = decrease brush size
{ = decrease brush hardness
] = increase brush size
} = increase brush hardness

Source : Link , Question Author : 郭红慈 , Answer Author : zeethreepio

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