Is there a way to expand linked EPS file placed inside another EPS file in Illustrator?

I’ve placed an EPS file (File A) inside another EPS file (File B) and now need to completely break this link so that the artwork of File A becomes 100% editable part of File B.

I’ve tried embedding it via Save As when saving FileB and that seems to keep the link to FileA active.

I do not want File A to be linked in any way and need the artwork of File A to be on same layer as the artwork of File B so that I can edit all artwork together.

I also do not want to have any links shown in the Illustrator links panel.

Please let me know how/if this can be accomplished?

Thank you!


Select the Linked File, click Embed on the toolbar at the top.

Illustrator screenshot

It should look like this when complete:

Illustrator screenshot

Source : Link , Question Author : conceptoftheday , Answer Author : JohnB

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