Is there a way to have Photoshop NOT save print settings between prints?

I work at a retail print shop and use photoshop often to print documents.

I’ve noticed ever since we upgraded to CS6, PS will save the print settings between unrelated files. Eg: I set the print settings to print 30 copies from a certain tray in our printer and grayscale. I quit the program. Then the next time I open a completely different customer file, hit print, the same settings (number of copies and all) are still set to print that document.

This seems like a good idea, but it makes for a lot of wasted paper when we are expecting to hit print and it go to the default settings.

I’m using a Windows 7 installed PC, if that makes any difference.


In Version CS6, when you hold down the space bar when selecting File >
, the previous print settings for the document will be ignored.

Having this capability is useful if you have a file with corrupted
print settings. This command enables you to specify the print settings
from scratch.

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