Is there a way to know which font was used in Illustrator?

This is something I always wondered, and right now I’d really use. From time to time, our clients send work from illustrators using fonts that are outlined. Sometimes I can get the illustrator to tell us the exact font they used, but sometimes they’re unresponsive, so we use any of the many font identifiers, and usually get the correct font name.

Now, I have this file with a logo using a font that looks like many different fonts, yet not exactly like any of them. I assume the designer used a font, and then modified it a bit, hence I can’t find the exact match.

Either way, my question is: is there a way to tell which was the original font used in a document? Maybe some kind of metadata in the file?


Once a font has been outlined, Illustrator retains no information regarding the original font. The type is then a collection of standard shapes and paths with zero font data whatsoever.

So, no. There is no way to retrieve any names.

Source : Link , Question Author : Devin , Answer Author : Scott

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