Is there a way to make my files editable for a client without InDesign?

A client needs me to design a brochure for her. The problem is that she wants to edit and change the text and maybe also change some of the pictures herself.

However, she doesn’t have any of the Adobe software or the knowledge to use these.

Is there any alternative?


This is like “by the way, can i please drive your car? oh and.. i dont have a driver’s licence and never driven before, but i’ll be ok” 🙂

Experienced clients will not ask for this. They will know its generally impossible to edit inhouse without the actual software installed, or the knowledge of using it. A client who has had brochures made by other providers in the past will know the “usual” routine is to have the designer (or somebody else with access to the software and the editables) make reviews based on comments they could post on PDF proofs.

There are a few InDesign plugins out there that will export your design into RTF format which could be reviewed in MS Word, but it wont look pretty, and you’ll probably end up reviewing the Indesign yourself to include the update.

Personally i would just politely say i can’t help with this and stick with the experienced clients.

Hope this helps

Source : Link , Question Author : user63954 , Answer Author : Lucian

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