Is there a way to remove lens flare?

I took a picture where the sun was just to the left of the subject with my mobile camera. Due to the sun I couldn’t see my screen after I’d taken the photo and didn’t realise there was a slight green streak running diagonally across the screen.

I imagine I’d have to mask the streak and apply curves adjustments, however are there other ways to remove this streak?

The original image is a lot larger, this one has been sized down and compressed a little.

enter image description here


60 Seconds: How to remove green flare (please consider subscribing)

  1. Convert the image to Lab color mode
  2. Create a Curves Adjustment
  3. In the B Channel put two points in there – one on the green and one off it. You can use the top left tool that looks like an up/down arrow with a finger on it if it helps you. They are very close together so you might need to put the whichever you do second a little further away for it to work and then you can move it in once you have it on the Curve. Then just level those two points. Congrats, now the amount of green is even and the streak is gone. No masking or complex things needed.

enter image description here

If you feel the image is a bit too red as a result just do another Curve and adjust the A channel without adding new points to it, I also added a tiny bit of yellow in the B channel. Notice how very subtle my adjustment is in the Curve:

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Aasim Azam , Answer Author : Ryan

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