Is there an Air Video app, but for photos?

I was wondering if there is an app for the iPad in order to see photos that are shared in a Windows/Mac folder.

I went to Australia and took over 12000 photos, now I want to take a close look at all of them without without importing all to iTunes (so it does not fill up space on my iPad).

Something that I could check, mark in order to move/copy to a diff folder so I can edit them later.

For iPhone there is the WiFi Photo Viewer but I can’t find one for iPad.


I developed ImageBank for iOS to do exactly this – streams photos from your PC/Mac to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It’s universal so it works natively on the iPad, and it even works over 3G.

There’s a free version too if you want to try it out:
ImageBank Lite

It’s only US $0.99 to buy or upgrade from the free version.

Source : Link , Question Author : balexandre , Answer Author : ImageBank

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