Is there an easy way to look through a directory, preview file by file, and choose to keep or delete it?

I’m mostly looking to do an initial pass of a folder of 10k images and I want to go through one by one and mark each for deletion or for keeping. Any easy way to do that on a mac or is there a photo organization program that will do this?


The Finder has four ‘View’ styles: Icon, List, Column, and the last one, which is either called “Cover Flow” or “Gallery View”, depending on what version of OS you have.

This view lets you scroll through successive QuickLook Previews of each image in the folder.

You can select Gallery View by clicking on the icon in the Toolbar that selects the view, or using the View menu, or with Command 4.

Source : Link , Question Author : coltonidle , Answer Author : benwiggy

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