Is there an ISO or similar recognized standard for Icons?

I had this question popping out while viewing some ISO standards such as ISO 9142.

I searched a little but couldn’t find an explicit ISO standard that is specifically for Computer Icons.

So, has one such standard been published? or a similar recognized one?.


ISO’s technical committee TC 145 is responsible for graphical symbols:

Standardization in the field of graphical symbols as well as of colours and shapes, whenever these elements form part of the message that a symbol is intended to convey, e.g. a safety sign.

You can find a list of related ISO standards and those under their direct responsibility.

If the icons contain text, have a look at W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), where you can find guidelines how to make the images accessible (contrast).

Source : Link , Question Author : Uri Herrera , Answer Author : unor

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