Is there any InDesign extension that gives Sublime Text 2 like capabilities?

I’ve been working in Sublime Text 2 on my own time to learn web development. Now I’m laying out another book in InDesign and just dreaming of having some of Sublime Text 2’s workflow. Does anyone know if there are any extensions / plug-ins that offer this? Particularly the ability to select a segment of text, instantly select all instances of it, and edit them all simultaneously IN COLUMN as opposed to the very tedious find and replace functionality.


I don’t know of any extensions that solve this problem. I’ve always wished there was a backdoor to InD’s markup where you could perform edits in a structured way — obviously, at your own risk 😉

Scripting may provide a little productivity boost for you — though not as elegant as what you seek. A javascript could grab your selection, ask for your edits, then run the search for you with predefined options. Assign it a keystroke and it’s starting to feel almost native! The kind folks over at the InDesign Scripting forum could probably give you a jump start.

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