Is there any method to deliberately digitally corrupt an image?

For an art project. I want to take a high-resolution digital image and digitally ‘corrode’ it.

My original intention was to subject an image to repeated jpg compression, and show the iterations, but after experimenting I realise that the compression method won’t achieve any effect after the first pass (rookie mistake).

What methods are available to do this, if any? While I’d like to go for a progression, as in the compression example, I’m happy to hear about methods that would achieve random results as well (for instance imitative of digital static).


There are many online tools where you can load an image, make those kinds of effects and save the results:

Photomosh : clicking the Mosh button, you get a random glitch effect and a side menu to change the options


Even with animations:


Image Glitch Tool : load the original image and move the bottom sliders options to get a glitch effect

Image Glitch

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