Is there any open-source alternative to Fontlab out there?

I used to work with Fontlab Studio to design and compile my fonts. Years have passed and my former Fontlab install vanished into the voids of a crashing harddisk.

Now that I’m gaining interest in font-design again, I used and abused the usual search engines, but I have not managed to find any free or open-source software out there with alike functionality which Fontlab offers.

Therefore I would love to know: “Is there any open-source alternative to Fontlab out there?”

(Preferably, it should be able to run on a Microsoft Windows operating system.)


Open Source Font Editors:

  1. FontForge
  2. gbdfed Bitmap Font Editor
  3. BirdFont

Freeware Font Editors:

  1. Font Struct
  2. Bit font Maker
  3. Type light
  4. Font Constructor
  5. Raster Font Editor

Commercial Font Editors:

  1. FontCreator
  2. (Fontlab Studio)

Font Management:

  1. 25 Font Management Tools Reviewed

Search results for font management:

  1. What is a good free font management tool for linux?
  2. Font management tools for Mac
  3. Font management tool across multiple machines


  1. The upcoming .91 release of Inkscape claims to have ‘type design feeatures’

Source : Link , Question Author : e-sushi , Answer Author : Ooker

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