Is there any tools like “Blend” in Inkscape?

I have created a shape with “Blend” option in Illustrator (below)enter image description here.Now I am trying hard to replicate that in Inkscape. Is there any way/option to do that in Inkscape? I have searched a lot with “Blend tool in Inkscape”, but what I have found did not help me to solve the issue.


The equivalent in Inkscape is an extension called Interpolate. From the main menu it’s located at Extensions > Generate from Path > Interpolate.

You need to have two paths selected to use it. Shapes such as circles, polygons, or rectangles need to be converted to paths first, using Path > Object to Path


enter image description here

Edit: Please note however: I can think of better ways to make such shapes without using the Interpolate extension. A simple shape filled with a gradient would have a much smaller file size when saved as an SVG.

Source : Link , Question Author : tuxtu , Answer Author : Billy Kerr

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