Is there any way to add a new page to my work in Illustrator ?

Is there any way to add a new page to my work in Illustrator ?

I’ve seen these buttons on the bottom:pages

I guess they are for the pages ?



Looks like you’re working with CS5, so the answer is Yes. And No. Okay, so before you go all rolled eyes and raised eyebrows, here’s how it works.

AI CS5 introduced multiple art boards in a single document. These aren’t really “pages” in the conventional sense, because they can be arbitrary sizes (useful when you want to create a corporate identity kit with logo, business card, letterhead, envelope and notepad all in one document). There’s no automatic page numbering, or any of the things you’d associate with “pages,” except for this: when you Save As a PDF, if your file has multiple artboards you’ll see a page range selector at the bottom of the PDF preset dialog.

So no, AI doesn’t really do pages as such, but yes, you can save a multi-page PDF from IA CS5.

Just in case it’s not clear, to add a “page,” select the Art Board tool (between the Chart and Slice tools) and draw out your new artboard(s).

Source : Link , Question Author : aneuryzm , Answer Author : Alan Gilbertson

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