Is there anyway to convert all texts to outlines in Sketch App?

I was using Sketch to make a cover photo, and there are many words in it. I have to convert every text to online, so I have to open layer folders and select each text in it by myself.

Is there any faster way to convert all texts in one single step?


Here is my approach.
I found sketch plugin which converts text layer to outlines, but it converts only selected text layer.
I modified it so it converts all text layers on current page.
Here is instructions, for instance we have photo with several text layers on in:
enter image description here

Go to menu select Plugins > Custom Plugin… Text area will appear, copy paste this code:

    function convertToOutlines(layer) {
        if(!layer.isKindOfClass(MSTextLayer)) return;

        var path=layer.bezierPathWithTransforms(); // Get text layers' outline as NSBezierPath.

        var parent=layer.parentGroup();
        var shape=MSShapeGroup.shapeWithBezierPath(path); // Create a vector shape with the outline.

        // Set the style previously used in text layer. =;

        // If text layer doesn't have a fill style, we create it with the color used for the text.
        if(!style.fill()) {
            var fill=style.fills().addNewStylePart();
            fill.color = MSColor.colorWithNSColor(;

        // Copy name and selection status.
        var isSelected=layer.isSelected(); =;

        // Remove text layer.

        // Add a newly created shape to the text layers' parent group.

        return shape;

    var doc = context.document;
    var page = [doc currentPage];
    var layers = page.children();
    for (var i = 0; i < layers.count(); i++) {
        var layer = layers.objectAtIndex(i);
        if(layer) {
            var vectorizedTextLayer=convertToOutlines(layer);

It should look like this, there you can save it and run it:
enter image description here

After running the script all text layers becomes outlined:
enter image description here

Github repository of the plugin:

Initial sketch plugin, my is based on

Source : Link , Question Author : chenghuayang , Answer Author : zholdas

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