Is there graphic design software made for beginners, suitable for designing websites?

I’m teaching web development to beginners, and it would be useful to show them the basics in design, meaning using a graphic design package to come up with a layout, before turning it into code.

To be clear, I want something for creating the “look and feel” of a page, not the layout. I don’t mean prototyping tools. There was some confusion about this, and the meaning of my original question was changed, I just changed it back, half a day later.

The html and css itself will be hand-written.

I need something which is freely available, or really cheap.
It can be a program designed for beginners, or a broader program with a “beginners mode”, or a less intimidating interface for new users.

Is there software which fits this description?


Similar to Balmamiq but free and open source is Pencil. It’s quite good, the interface is easy and you can download sets of graphics (for web, for apps, and so on) made by other users.

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