Is this is a specific type of Design drawing?

Being inspired by Apple’s design, I came across some of Jony Ive’s earlier work, and noticed he produced these drawings– I have seen their ‘style’ before and it seems like industrial/product designers adhere to this style, if that’s in fact what it is.

If it is a style and not just my perception, what is the classification of this type of style?

For context, compare the bottom two images done by Ive with the screengrab of the concept motorbike(?) seen on fiftythree’s Paper app media page:

enter image description here

enter image description here


This is called Marker Rendering, is a sketching technique to present design ideas. It’s a very common presentation technique used by any designer attending early stages of design, arts or architecture school. It is also used by professionals that become masters at this technique. This skill kills any computer aided illustration technique, becuase is ten times faster. And if you are a master on this techinique you can perfom it in front of the customer and blow away his mind. For this, you need Color Markers, there are many brands, but plain and simple – there are Chartpak AD markers, and then all of the other brands.

Note: But seeing the link you shared, I can say that computer aided sketching techniques have become re-thinked. Nice app!! I must try it.

Appreciate this: Photorealism. This is made with Acrylic Paint.

Source : Link , Question Author : GPP , Answer Author : Martz

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