Isolated > medial substitutions in FontForge

I’ve been working on a font for a fictional language (Ta’agra from Skyrim) and I’m having issues getting the substitutions to work. It’s supposed to be written similarly to Arabic where each letter connects and has an initial, medial, terminal, and solo form. I’ve made lookup tables specifying ” isol @ | isol @ (med) ” so that if there are two letters typed, the first will become an initial form and the second a medial. In another table I’ve put ” med | isol @(med) ” so that anything typed after a medial form will also be medial. However, when I type it will come up as initial, medial, initial, medial… I have no idea how to create the lookup tables I need.

In summary, I just need to know how to make it so that as I type isolated forms, they will turn into initial and medial forms as needed.

Thanks in advance.


Source : Link , Question Author : Emily , Answer Author : Community

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